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Change is the only constant in life. — Heraclitus The Obscure On Nature sometime between 535 — 475 BC

This is becoming a place to collect technology demonstrations, thoughts and notes. It isn't going to be full of fancy graphics or smoke and mirrors.

Instead you'll find my opinion, information and demo's - particularly about macOS, Ubuntu, Joomla, mobile devices and apps, their development in Flutter and product management. It serves no purpose unless you are interested in those things. Please read the terms. Especially about it being provided "AS IS, WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND"

This site is in Joomla! 4 which in production now! It may have beta versions of Joomla or Joomla components too. Took a screenshot in 640x480 just for old times sake. It is lovely that its very usable at that low almost historic resulution and the menu uses the bottom of the screen!

Screenshot of Joomla updated to 4.1.4 (640x480!)
Screenshot of Joomla updated to 4.1.4 (640x480!)

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